Among the towns on the island, the City of Krk (Krk Town) is considered the centre. The status has been there from the beginnings of life on the island, and it is justified with an urbanised look and town features. Town of Krk is the administrative, business and educational centre of the island inhabitants, while as far as tourism is concerned, Krk is a very attractive and picturesque summer holidays spot which above all offers the feeling of elegance and historical heritage on which the new and diverse tourism offer is based.

The CITY OF KRK was known as the urban centre of the island as early as 3000 years ago. Although Krk is considered a smaller city in terms of the number of citizens, it is without a doubt one of the great cities in terms of historical heritage. The first known inhabitants of the island and the city of Krk were the Liburni, an Illyrian tribe. After conquering the Illyrian tribes in the 1st century BC, the Romans annexed the island of Krk to their Empire and rearranged the city of Krk to serve their needs by building thermal baths, temples and other cultural institutions. The inscription found on the ancient tombstone dating from the 4th century, Splendidissima civitas Curictarum (The Glorious City of the People of Krk), is a description of the ancient city of Krk. The city has preserved its glory to this day, as well as its heritage that is proudly presented today.

The location of the Krk Island at the northern most part of the Adriatic makes it the "first" and the closest island for all visitors who come from the continental part of Europe in search for the Mediterranean atmosphere. In the 1980s, the extremely convenient location of Krk Island was helped by the addition of a strategic structure: a mile long Krk Bridge which connects the Island Krk to the mainland. As an easily accessible island with the international airport, Krk will certainly be an excellent choice for all tourists in search of escape from crowdedness, busyness and stress of the big cities. The Island of Krk is a diverse island that offers variety of attractions and experiences, whether you like the culture, the nature or the upbeat tourist places: a thousand years old towns, small rural villages, well equipped city beaches, secluded swimming bays, lively bars and clubs and small and quiet restaurants and caffe bars.